Welcome to our site. The Law Office of Dale Schwindaman is proud to have a role in this exciting period of world history--the dawn of the Global Era. We provide full legal services in the area of immigration law and related matters and are ready to appear for you all over the U.S. and internationally.

  The firm is particularly well-suited to serve clients in the growing area of the Southeast. We are located in Jackson, Mississippi, convenient to the central city but out of the traffic congestion. Jackson is the capital of and largest city in Mississippi, and is home to the Mississippi Employment Security Commission.

  It is our goal to provide expert, time sensitive, and personalized service to every immigration client--individual and corporate, domestic and international. An immigrant's or temporary visitor's relationship with an attorney is often his or her first encounter with the American legal system. We want to make that a positive, supportive experience, while meeting the requirements to expedite processing of immigration applications. Dale Schwindaman will be forthright with you in explaining your legal situation, and he will vigorously advocate your position under the provisions of U.S. immigration law.

  Please call, write, or otherwise contact our office for further information. The initial consultation is without charge. General information or questions sent by E-mail or fax will receive a prompt response.